immigration-lawyersWe have a corporate level area specialized in Commercial Law and Immigration Law headed by María José Aguilar Retana. In this specialized area we are able to offer the following services:

Commercial Law Counsel: Counseling and elaboration of typical and atypical commercial agreements, commercial brands, developing commercial companies, real estate consulting and securities bonds.

Typical contracts: Contracts regulated by the Costa Rican legal system such as: rental agreements, banking contracts, purchase-sale agreements, legal termination contracts and others.
Atypical Contracts: Contracts not regulated by Law but that currently allow for financial relations, broadening markets and others: Leasing Agreements, Franchising Agreements, Factoring Contracts, Joint Venture Agreements and Renting Agreements.
Brands: counseling in industrial property, commercial brand registration, and commercial name protection, counseling in intellectual property and livestock brand registration.
Real Estate Counsel: consulting services for investments and structuring in real estate.
Commercial Corporations: consulting services for the creation of companies and registering foreign Company subsidiaries.

Consulting corporate level immigration law: Counsel for proceedings in immigration procedures including various categories and subcategories such as residency for company executives, residency for investors and residency for leaseholders, work permits for specific occupations, temporary business permits, visa to enter the country, visa extensions, residency termination and company certification proceedings for the General Migration Department.

Residency for Company executives: corporate advice for immigration proceedings for your foreign executives.
Residency as an investor: advice during the immigration process for foreigners investing in Costa Rica.
Residency for leaseholders: guidance to carry out the immigration process for foreigners who generate income outside of Costa Rica.
Special Stay Category: advice for immigration proceedings for corporate employees who are given a temporary business assignment in a Company in Costa Rica.
Entry Visa: for executives requiring an entry visa to Costa Rica.
Residency termination: advice on terminating a foreigner in a company in Costa Rica.
Company certification before the General Immigration Department: Advice on certifying a Company with the immigration authorities in order to bring foreign personnel to work in Costa Rica.