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Office of the General Council ImageWe offer specialized legal counsel in Constitutional Law and Labor Law, headed by Judith Corella Elizondo. In this regard we offer the following services:

Labor Advice: permanent advice services regarding labor matters emphasizing on preventive advice.

Application of Labor Diagnoses: we carry out labor auditing procedures or diagnosis in your Company given that the counsel is comprehensive; we also implement the corrective actions for the identified problems.

Design and analysis of salary arrangements: advice on how to implement the management of performance systems and variable compensation. Implementation of wage remuneration arrangements.

Development of internal restructuring procedures: analysis of legal possibility focused on minimizing incidents during the implementation of internal restructuring procedures that may involve changes in jobs and wage modifications.

Advice and drafting of agreements: advice and drafting of employment agreements, addendums, termination documents, professional services agreements, scholarships agreements, telecommuting agreements, training agreements, outsourcing agreements, confidentiality agreements, post-contract non-competency agreements and drafting letters of tender.

Advice on the creation of work regulations: Drafting Work Regulations, internal Corporate Policy Manuals, writing up procedures and guidelines.

Management of disciplinary rules: advice and drafting of written warnings, termination letters, memos and guidelines as well as development and application of surveillance and control procedures.

Drafting preliminary findings and penalty procedures: advice and handling disciplinary procedures, sexual harassment investigation procedures, work harassment investigation procedures, investigation procedures on offenses, and investigation procedures on damages caused to the company.

Advice and negotiations with unions and registration of collective labor agreements.

Assistance and advice during legal labor proceedings.

Assistance and advice with administrative proceedings and paperwork with the Social Security System.

Assistance and advice with administrative proceedings for the Ministry of Labor.

Assistance and advice with adversarial legal proceedings.

Legal certification and assistance during recruitment proceedings and personnel selection.

Advice on how to implement telecommuting in your company.

Advice and implementation of Drug and Alcohol prevention surveillance and control in your Company.

Development of Seminar and Training Program customized according to your company’s requirements.

Assistance and advice for Appeals on the grounds of unconstitutionality and unconstitutionality actions.

Counsel and advice on evaluating constitutional feasibility and drafting bills, regulations and other rulings.

Advice in matters of administrative agreements: assistance with bids, abbreviated agreements and direct hiring by reviewing bids, preparing offers as well as filing law suits.

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